Yoga Mat to 5k: Run #12 and #13

Here’s hoping the recent warmer temps clears some of the ice off the paths and I can get back outside for some running.

In the meantime, I’m duking it out for a treadmill with the students who are returning to campus and determined (for the month of January) to get fit.

I’ve also introduced some upper body weight training.  I’m already noticing some extra strength not only in my running and endurance but in my yoga as well.  It’s no longer quite so hard (but still not easy!!) to hold the low plank/chaturanga dandasana.  Currently I’m mostly working with machines, but would love to learn more about free weights if anyone has any good recommendations and resources on weight training.

OK — back to the subject of running.

Run #12
Time: 29:31
Distance: 2.28 miles
Pace: 12:54
Terrain: treadmill
Music: Podrunner Intervals, Week 5:2

Run #13
Time: 29:34
Distance: 2.2 miles
Pace: 13:9
Terrain: treadmill
Music: Podrunner Intervals, Week 5:3

As I was warming up and listening to the intro to week 5, mix 3, I was shocked when I heard I’d be running for TWENTY MINUTES.  WHAT?  I honestly wasn’t sure I could do it … BUT IT DID!  YAY!!!  Feeling a huge huge huge sense of accomplishment.

While I like the Podrunner interval series, I’m starting to look forward to when I have the fitness level and endurance to run to my own music.  Right now the interval training is still the best thing for me (the walking breaks are perfectly timed!) but I long to listen to some of the fun, cheerful music I’ve got waiting for me.  Always good to have something to keep you motivated 🙂



2 responses to “Yoga Mat to 5k: Run #12 and #13

  1. Hey abby,
    i dunno if you’re willing to pay for it but i can definitely say the personal trainers are the way to go for learning new things. Just a couple of sessions and you could probably get alot of out of it. Otherwise try a weights class at the gym. that way you can learn some basic things and add on from there.

    Hope that helps

    • That helps a lot, Terese! Thanks! I’ve been thinking about getting a package of personal training sessions at my gym but wasn’t sure how “worth it” they’d be. Sounds like it’s a good investment all around!

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