What I Read: January 2011

Into some serious reading mojo this month, which has been assisted by many snowy, cold Sundays spent snuggling in bed with a book until late in the afternoon.

One strange trend I noticed was an upsurge of “mold-breaking Regencies.”  I’ve been really drawn to novels (romances and mysteries) that explore the darker side of Regency England; books that stay out of the ballrooms and spend most of the plot in the gutters and back alleys.  It’s a welcome change from my usual fare of light, bubbly books.

I also got in two ebooks this month!  So far, so good with my Kindle.  The ease of download and the price point makes it a perfect tool for when I can’t get a book via my public library (a rare occasion).

Links take you to full reviews on Goodreads.com!

What Remains of Heaven (Sebastian St. Cyr #5), C.S. Harris
4 stars
Conned by his aunt into assisting another murder investigation, Sebastian St. Cyr uncovers the dark side of reform in Regency-era London and a family secret that will change everything.

India Black (Madame of Espionage#1), Carol K. Carr
4 stars
Brothel owner India Black is reluctantly tangled in the British government’s web when a war office leader dies in her house and his case of documents go missing.  Enter the enigmatic spy French,  some deliciously awful Russian enemies and this is a mystery that will surprise you until the last page.

Twice Tempted by a Rogue (Stud Club #2), Tessa Dare
4 stars
The second book in the dreadfully named series finds to highly unconventional people engaged in a highly unconventional romance.  If you’re sick and tired of virginal Regency heroines and too-handsome heroes, here’s a cure.

*Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss
5 stars
Combining the underpinnings of two major Western religions with Eastern chakras, Myss provides a guide for healing the self and creating a more compassionate and mindful life.  A must for yoga teachers and students.

Anatomy Trains, Thomas W. Myers
5 stars
Unfortunately I couldn’t finish it before it had to go back to the library, but as a testament to this books’ awesomeness, I will be buying it outright to own and use on a near daily basis.

Married by Morning (Hathaways #4), Lisa Kleypas
2 stars
I was looking forward to this one because I loved the dialogue between Catherine and Leo in earlier books, but there was a little too much of the hero’s Mighty Wang (© Smart Bitches) healing the heroines emotional state and past traumas with some good loving and orgasaming.  Overall: meh.

Blue Bells of Scotland, Laura Vosika
2 stars
Hard to stomach any book when the hero is the most arrogant, narcissistic, hateful human being ever created.  There was no character redemption for me, no matter how hard he tried.  Also, way too much “telling” of action and character change and not enough “showing”. [ebook]

The Adventures of Allegra Fullerton, Robert J. Begiebing (who I call “bingbing” in my head)
2 stars
A journey novel that journeys nowhere.

The Stranger I Married, Silvia Day
4 stars
Delicious, erotic and, best of all, features adult character who actually TALK to each other like ADULTS.  A sad rarity in most romance/erotic novels. [ebook]



2 responses to “What I Read: January 2011

  1. Abby ! You always have such an inspiring list, I always pick 1 or 2 of your recommendation to put on my own wish list 🙂 Keep on reading and posting please !!!

  2. Thanks, love! If you haven’t already picked up Myss’ ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT, find it. I think you’ll really, really, really like it!!

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