Yoga Mat to 5K: 3 Weeks Left

Only three weeks left in my training. Starting to get excited and a little nervous, but feeling more prepared than I was even a week ago.  This is mostly due to a small mistake in timing I made in Thursday’s run. I’ve never had a great sense of timing, especially when it comes to judging distances.  I thought it would take me 30ish minutes to run from HBS to the BU Bridge along the river and back. HAHAH!  I both way overestimated my pace as well as the distance, and what was supposed to be a 25 minute long jog turned into a 40 minute jog.  The upshot is that I proved to myself I can jog at a steady pace for 3.2 miles (3.6 in this case).  The downside is that my legs are TIRED.  Not sore but very, very tired.  But hey, I jogged a 5k!!!  Didn’t mean to, but sometimes mistakes turn out alright!

Thursday was also the first outdoors run since December 6th.  Boston’s had a gorgeous few days with temps well into the 50s.  We’re even starting to see some bare ground!  There are still some icy patches along the trail, but most of it was clear and perfect for an early morning run.  It felt SO GOOD to be back outside.

Run #15
time: 32:23
distance: 2.67 miles
pace: 12:06
terrain: treadmill
music: Podrunner Intervals, Week 6: Mix 2

Run #16
time: 45:26 (!)
distance: 3.6 miles (!)
pace: 12:36
terrain: Charles River trail, HBS to BU Bridge and return
music: Podrunner Intervals, Week 6: Mix 3 and “Run1” mix on ipod



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