Yoga Mat to 5K: The Countdown Begins!

Two weeks left!  I’m really starting to hope I can just finish the race without having to walk, but after this week’s run, it seems less and less likely.  I’m hoping it’s like tech week before a theatre performance: the worst performance is always just before the best.  The “dreadmill” played a huge part in creating running apathy and boredom.  Not being able to run outside is really frustrating.

Run #17
time: 31:51
distance: 2.4 miles
pace: 13:15
terrain: treadmill (ugh)
music: Podrunner Intervals; Week 7

It was supposed to be a 35 minute run, with a 5 minute warm up, a 25 minute jog, then a 5 minute cool down, but I got so bored/tired/frustrated about 18 minutes in that I just called it quits and walked the rest of the way.  Blah.



2 responses to “Yoga Mat to 5K: The Countdown Begins!

  1. hi Abby,

    i stumbled upon your blog…and i too practice yoga and jogging.
    i totally feel your frustration with certain outcomes and results when it comes to jogging.
    …i am 36 and never ran more than 1 mile in my entire life until about 16 months ago.
    now i am training for the LA marathon.
    i dont follow any schedule or method, except being gentle with the road and myself.
    i try and run the same way i practice asana.
    in fact, i try make running an asana.
    i dont know. i hope this helps.
    on your next run, let go the time, release the goal, and move with your breath. dont try and breathe intentionally (on a run)…just give your breath as much attention and natural connection as possible. keep your breathing natural. see if you can let go of thought and just find something to enjoy. one or twice during the run, smile. (it tricks the brain.)
    …let your arms go slack every once in awhile…and shake them out. release the weight of the shoulder consistently.
    try and be more than your thoughts while you run.
    and most of all, give yourself UNCONDTIONAL love before, during, and after the run.
    yes, we have our ups and downs….and we do have attachement to our runs…but the one thing that is not up for grabs is our uncondtional love for self.
    give yourself lots of it, and practice gratitude and suffiency throughout the day.
    (and also know that the “run” is always happening…your run always needs prana…so set the intention to cultivate as much of it in your days as possible….as it is your fuel.)
    hope that helps.

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