Yoga Mat to 5K: At the Starting Line

Getting psyched and trying not to let nerves get to me less than a week out from my first race ever.  Doubts are starting to creep in a bit, even though I’ve run 3.2 miles twice over now.

Last week I ran with my marathon-runner friend and she shared good advice about training this final week: one short run on Monday (check), a 3.2 miler on Wednesday and then no running until Sunday.   Sounded great to me … until about 2.7 miles into my penultimate run.  My previously fractured right big toe just gave out.  It HURT!  I tried to run through it for about a tenth of a mile and then my right calf seized up so that I couldn’t even step. OUCH!  We walked the last half mile back to the gym.

I’m hoping that the run prior to a race is supposed to be crappy: like the last tech rehearsal before the curtain goes up on a new show.  Last night was crazy painful and this morning wasn’t much better as I limped/hopped to the bus station.  The worst part isn’t the pain though, it’s the frustration I feel at my body.  I’ve been working towards this goal for MONTHS.  How DARE  my body get in my way!  {Deep yoga breaths}

Between elevating my foot, massaging my calves, rolling around on a foam roller and popping Advil like it’s my job, I’m resting, breathing and taking it easy until Sunday.  Really looking forward to a gentle home practice tonight and a longer practice tomorrow in the heat.

In the meantime, I’m trying to find things to be grateful for so I don’t end up wallowing in useless self-pity.  I AM grateful that I made it this far and I know that I can run for 30 minutes without feeling totally winded.

I am so grateful for the yoga teachers who let me roll around on my mat in the back of the studio.  After the sun salutations I tend to veer off and do my own thing in an attempt to stretch/strengthen my quads, calves, hamstrings and hips. This usually means skipping some of the standing and balance poses.  Side angle lunge (parsvakonasana) is feeling GREAT these days, stretching side body and opening chest and shoulders, which get so tight when I run!  Other poses I’m loving are triangle, dancer, low lunge, double pigeon and a good loooooooong frog.  I could just MELT in frog. Love love love love it.  Gratitude for frog pose!

Run #18
Time: 39:01
Distance: 3.3
Pace: 10:04 (!!!)
Terrain: Charles River trail
Music: none:  ran outdoors with a girlfriend

Run #19
Time: 19:30
Distance: 1.7 miles (ugh)
Pace: 10:40
Terrain: DREADmill
Music: iPod Run Mix (will post soon!)

Run #20
Time: 34:02
Distance: 2.7
Pace: approx 10 min mile
Terrain: Charles River Trail
Music: none

Will let you all know how the race goes on Sunday!

P.S. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead when you go to bed on Saturday!


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