Hour of {Spinal} POWER!

Here’s a fun little flow I’ve been playing with, moving the twist to the end of the standing sequence to really tap into the belly.

I’ve found in my own practice that twisting too early (before a full compliment of standing poses) can really tweak my low back.  I like this little number because it allows the spine and core to warm up a bit before taking it into the major rinse by following up revolved triangle with a deep, long utkatasana twist.

I’ve been working with my students on keeping hands at heart center in utkatasana twist and working to get elbows stacked one on top of the other and arms perpendicular to the floor.  This keeps the chest and heart open, rather than allowing the shoulders and heart to collapse in on itself.  Open chest = deeper belly rise!

Hour of {Spinal} Power
downward facing dog
child’s pose
three-legged dog
runners lunge
gentle twist

forward fold/rag doll
om – om – om
4 Sun As
3 Sun Bs, opening up to Warrior II on the final B

core plank
runners lunge
lunge with airplane arms
crescent lunge
warrior II
side angle
extended side angle
half moon
prasarita A/B
revolved triangle
forward fold with arm bind
utkatasana twist

core plank hold (15 count – make ’em sweat!)
downward facing dog
jump through
supported bridge
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
rock ‘n roll to down dog
half pigeon
supine spinal twist


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