Yoga for Runners

After teaching Yoga for Runners in the fall of 2010, I was asked to repeat the workshop this spring.  Today’s workshop was a great group of students: really varied in their background and experience.  However, due to the wide differences in experience, I spent a little more time on basics, which left no time for a couple of fun foot stretches I was hoping to sneak in.  So the flow below (ha ha) is what I WOULD have taught, if the workshop had been 90 minutes, instead of 75. 🙂

forward fold
downward facing dog
high plank + hold
down dog
high plank + hold
down dog
child’s pose
down dog
step to front
roll to stand in tadasana
intention setting

3 sun As

down dog with ankle over back of opp leg (calf stretch)

runners lunge
hover torso with airplane arms
crescent lunge
gentle twist

down dog
core plank
crescent lunge
warrior II
reverse warrior
pivot toes to face the back and repeat on other side


table top with core work
opposite foot massage (via the lovely Jacqui Bonwell)
toes pose
down dog
jump/step through
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
rock ‘n roll to down down
core plank, knee to nose
half pigeon
viparita karani/shoulder stand
spinal twist

Talking points:
Breath: the single most imporant thing we go in yoga or running. Breathing with whole lungs, not just top third. Deep breathing will increase lung capacity, allowing for better running.

Shin Splints: gentle forward folds keep shin splints at bay

Hips: the function of and the reason why  we need to stretch and soften the psoas and piriformis.  Lengthening and stretching the hip flexors for maximum movement and power.

Hamstrings: keeping knees bent in forward folds and downdog to protect and stretch the hamstrings

Quads: stretching the quads in Hero’s pose


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