Right Now

Making: grocery lists, to-do lists
Cooking: pesto pizza and my own breakfast bars
Drinking: Republic of Tea’s Raw Green Bush Tea in Orange and Red Carrot
Reading: The Walking Dead, Book 3 and Light on Life by BKS Iyengar (zombies+yogis = zombigis?)
Wanting: more time to do/practice/teach/assist yoga
Looking: forward to vacation in two weeks
Playing: Plants vs Zombies (apparently I have a zombie thing…)
Wasting: time with the above
Wishing: on stars and eyelashes
Enjoying: the ability to cook good food for the people I love
Waiting: for sunny, warm days
Liking: the new yoga music suggested by Sandy
Wondering: how I will ever have enough time to do the things I love
Loving: life
Hoping: for the future
Marvelling: at the universes’ ability to put people and experiences into my                                life just when I need it most
Needing: a little more time
Smelling: rain in the air. Smells like damp earth
Wearing: bare legs for the first time since October!
Following: Nancy Pearl on Twitter.  Not sure why that took me so long
Noticing: how much greater my confidence is since the recent workshop
Knowing: that I have everything I need to not only survive, but thrive
Thinking: about what I want to do with my life and my talents
Bookmarking: recipes — always on the hunt for something new and healthy and delicious
Opening: my eyes to what I really want in life
Giggling: over Hyperbole & A Half 
Feeling: happy, content and grateful

Today’s post inspired by my dear friend Olivia. Please check out Olivia’s blog, The Sweetest Reasons.


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