Who/What Do You Breathe For Today?

In the beginning of yoga class, when we pause to set an intention, I’ve been suggesting to my students to phrase their intention this way.  “Who (or what) do you breathe for today?”  I’ve found this to be a powerful way to intention set. It also gives a little more guidance to those who are newer to the practice who otherwise might be daunted when the teacher says “set an intention.”

It’s also been good practice for me, as teacher, to frame why I am breathing with the class.  I’ve noticed this way of intention setting is crossing over from the gym/studio to my everyday life.  In the mornings, while waiting for the bus, I’ve found myself setting an intention for my day and asking myself who/what do I breathe for.

Today, I breathe for myself.

For the strength to lean into vulnerability.

For the knowledge that I am enough.

For the light that I shine, even in dark times.

For the love that I give.

For the openness to receive.

For the understanding that I have valuable gifts and talents to share.

For the compassion to look gently at myself and everyone around me.

For the wisdom to know that by breathing, I am love.


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