Morning Yoga

This was a special class I taught as part of a week of free fitness programs at the gym on campus. It was a 45 minute yoga class, geared toward total beginners, taught outside on the lawn at 7am. A truly beautiful group of people came, some new to yoga, some with a bit of a background. We had a great time, saluted the sun, and got stretched and centered all before 8am.

Morning Yoga
45 minutes (7am – 7:45am)

child’s pose
downward facing dog
plank with knees down
downward facing dog
step to front of mat
half-way lift/flat back
forward fold

runners lunge
crescent lunge
high twist
warrior II
step to top of mat

step back to plank
shell stretch/child’s pose

table top/all 4s
opposite arm/leg
half bow

supported bridge
reclined pigeon
spinal twist

I deconstruced the traditional sun salutation and spread it out over the flow. We moved slowly and held poses a little longer than in a traditional vinyasa class. The pace worked really well (there were very few moments of total confusion).

Overall the class was a resounding success.  So much so that the coordinator is looking into offering it once a month through September!


3 responses to “Morning Yoga

  1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING A SERIES! I am studying yoga when I can, and I hope to take training next year. It’s helpful to see what others do! Thanks again – Catnipkiss (

    • you are so welcome, love! I post a lot of sequences here, so have fun and let me know what you like and what you’d like to see more of!

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