How to Lie With Statistics

One of the more amusing titles in my library is How to Lie With Statistics.  It has a dull, yellow, library binding with black typeface.  Not pretty, but endlessly amusing … much like statistics themselves.

I often find myself by looking at the stats for this blog.  I find it fascinating how posts that I wrote years ago will resurface.  I wonder “what’s the story there? Why, all of a sudden, did 75 people this past week want to read about my search for the perfect deodorant, or read a rant about sizism in yoga clothes?”

Sometimes I make up my own stories about my statistics.  Sometimes I do the digging and mine WordPress’ stats function to find out where people came from, what search terms they used, and how long they lingered.

Here’s a fun, brief snapshot of what people are Perusing:

Total number of views all-time

Average number of views per day

  • 2008: 12
  • 2009: 41
  • 2010: 129
  • 2011: 170 (so far)

Top 5 posts for this week

Top 5 Posts of ALL TIME

Top 5 search terms
30, delicious, yoga, breathe, communication

Total number of posts
358 (359 once this goes live)

Total number of comments

If you blog, do you look at your stats?  What stories do they tell you?  Or, better yet, what stories do you make up?


One response to “How to Lie With Statistics

  1. Jonathan Garrison

    Absolutely correct. All that glitters is not gold🙂

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