Morning Yoga Basics: July

We maybe in the middle of a heat wave, but my early birds were with me as we saluted the sun on a hot and hazy morning. Today’s class was framed with the idea of listening: listening to the outdoor sounds on an urban college campus (construction, traffic, people walking and talking, birds, bugs and the breeze) and moving beyond the external sounds to the internal dialog between body and mind.  Hefty concept for 7:30am, but these guys and gals are champs!

Morning Yoga Basics
45 minutes

seated meditation (to settle in and start to focus on bringing mind down into body)
table top
opposite arm/leg extension
downward facing dog
runners lunge
low lunge w/ hip flexor opener

downward facing dog
three legged dog w/ hip opener
step through to crescent lunge
high twist
warrior II
reverse warrior

step back to plank
lower for 2 locusts
child’s pose
table top
roll onto back
reclined pigeon
spinal twist


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