Yoga for Runners: October 2011

This past Saturday, a dedicated group of runners gathered to learn how to stretch, strengthen and why including yoga along with running is a recipe for life long health and wellness.

This is the third time I’ve taught this workshop and I think it was the best and most successful yet. It was “chaturanga free” and we focused on building each posture from the ground up: lots of foot/ankle strengthening! It was balanced out with deep calf, hip, hamstring and quad opening. Add in a dash of core and upperbody work and we had a total workout! Bracketing the movement was an opening seated meditation (called silent sitting so as not to freak any one out) and a long savasana.

Guiding Quotation:
“Most runner’s run not because they want to live forever, but because they want to live life to the fullest.”
– Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running 

Yoga for Runners
hero for silent sitting
child’s pose
downward facing dog
3-legged dog
runner’s lunge/pyramid (pulse gently back and forth)

step to top of mat
forward fold
side stretch
plank on knees with tri-dips (thanks Michelle B!)
shalambasana with feet on mat
shalambasana full extension
table top
down dog

toes pose

3 -legged dog
core plank
runner’s lunge
crescent lunge
high twist
warrior II
reverse warrior
prasaritta (extra-wide to stretch outside of calves)

tree on block (another MB special)

down dog
fallen warrior (shout out to Pat on this one)

janu sirsasana
reverse table
supported bridge
supta baddha konasana
supported fish
viparita karani (supported inversion)
spinal twist


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