Simple, Joyful Yoga

image from cozy.spicy.saintly

Some days just call for a simple class taught with maximum amounts of joy. No intense themeing or “peak pose” that you’re trying to achieve, but a plain, simple, deliciously vanilla flow that hits all the right spots. A flow where you can focus on breath and breath alone.

This, for me, is that sequence.

Simple – Joyful – Yoga
(approx 75 minutes)

seated side bend
gentle seated twist
table top
thread the needle shoulder stretch
downward facing dog
high plank and hold for 5 breaths
down dog

low lunge, knee to mat, arms up overhead
vinyasa and repeat on other side

three legged dog, hip open
runner’s lunge
crescent lunge
warrior II
reverse warrior
vinyasa and repeat

three legged dog, hip open
warrior I
humble warrior
warrior II
side angle
half bind
half moon
prasarita A/B/variations
parsvottanasana (gratitude pose)
revolved triangle
forward fold at front of mat
utkatasana twist (going opposite of revolved triangle)
vinyasa to child’s pose
breathe in childs pose for 10-15 breaths, then repeat standing sequence

from down dog, step up to tadasana

vinyasa to downdog and step through to lay on back
supported bridge
bridge with block in between thighs
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
rock n roll to down dog
half pigeon or double pigeon
supported fish
inversion (viparita is my fav!)
spinal twist


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