2012: A Year of Flight

2011 was an incredible year. I learned so much, explored new places and ideas, and put down some new roots. I met a few of my goals, though not all, as life likes to throw those funny curve balls.

I explored more styles of yoga and attend some wonderful classes and workshops.  I am in better control of my finances with an emergency fund, a travel fund and a plan to pay off student debt.  Career goals were tougher, but I remain positive in the face of transition. As for fitness/wellness, I finished my first 5K, though not in under 30  minutes, and learned that I can run!

When thinking of my goals and resolutions for 2012,  I realized my yoga goals make a pretty awesome intention for the entire year. They all have one thing in common: FLIGHT.  In 2012 I want to figure out crow (bakasana) and headstand (sirsasana). Both poses require learning to lift off the ground and find flight and balance in space.  Both poses require a solid foundation and a trust that even if the foundation shifts, you can take a breath and try again. Sounds like a perfect theme for 2012 to me!

Thus, 2012 is THE YEAR OF FLIGHT.

– Crow Pose: figure it out, get into it, and hold it for 3-5 breaths
– Sirsasana: figure it out, get into it, wall support is totally ok
– Continue to invest in my practice and my teaching by attending workshops and classes
– Commit to a home practice and complete a 30 day “home practice” challenge to set the habit

– Pay off 1/3 of my student debt by 12/31/2011
– Continue to build the travel fund (possible goal: Thailand in 20??)
– Become a more savvy budgeter (this includes actually creating a budget and having a “come to Jesus” with shopping)

– Stay employed
– Own my new responsibilities and role in the library. This is a year for me to shine and become a resource and local expert for my colleagues

– Continue to eat healthy, happily and safely (I really like that goal.)
– Work with a personal trainer to build a habit out of weight training and cardio

– read more poetry and non-fiction
– be kinder to myself (positive self-talk and belief)
– learn to appreciate black coffee
– wear mascara 2 or less days a week

What are your goals and resolutions for 2012?


5 responses to “2012: A Year of Flight

  1. Life as a Gardell

    I wish you all the luck and support with your goals for 2012. I have 2 words that sort of describe what I want for this year: BALANCE and LEAP. But I’d say leap is the most important. I’ll be making the jump to photography full-time, and I’m really excited to tackle it full force. But at the same time I’ll be trying to keep a balance with being a new mommy and being present in Natalie’s life.

  2. Abby, I continue to love your posts, and how brave and open you are to share all these New Years resolutions… it makes me feel very generic, because mine were: “write every day. do yoga every day.” I can offer some support on Crow, for some reason I can now do it and hold for 10 seconds sometimes, whereas before I could not even get into the pose! I found a place where my balance is WAY more forward than is comfortable (a scary place) but there my hands feel very stable and voila! Up I Go! find that place and trust it; see if that helps (it’s not so far to fall, after all!) – Catnip

    • Awesome suggestion, Catnip! Thanks!! I’ve been working coming into crow from cat pose. Curling up into cat, then stepping up on a block, setting my knees to triceps and forward I go. I got both toes up off the block for about a second the other day. WOOHOO! HELLO, FLIGHT! HERE I COME!

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