A Month in Books: December 2011

December was a pretty standard mix of romance and mystery books. I finished the year strong with 84 books “read” (I put it in quotes because there were a handful of Did Not Finish) and have set my 2012 goal for 86 books.

My second annual Year in Books is coming up soon.  I always like seeing the breakdown of what I read, genres, etc… It’s an interesting retrospective and a fun way to remember the very good and the very worst books I came across in 2011.

To finish out the year, here are the books I read in December.  Links take you to full reviews on Goodreads.com.

The Black Hawk (The Spymaster’s Lady #5), Joanna Bourne
4 stars
Adrian Hawhurst, head of Britain’s spy network, a man very rarely surprised, is just that when former lover and current enemy Justine DeCabrillac stumbles up to his front door, gravely wounded, and seeking help.

The Kitchen House, Kathleen Grissom
4 stars
A darker, grittier, violent version of The Help. If you felt The Help was weird and wishy-washy, pick up The Kitchen House. Read as an ebook. (December book club pick)

Flawless (The Christies #1), Carrie Lofty
4 stars
Late 1800s South African setting, an estranged marriage, a diamond mine and a whole lotta angst make this a different type of romance. If you haven’t yet read Lofty, this new series is the place to start.

A Murderous Process (Mistress of the Art of Death #4), Ariana Franklin
3 stars
Adelia & co. accompany the King’s young daughter to Sicily for her marriage to Henry’s cousin, the King of Sicily. An old enemy of Adelia’s is tagging along and the body count start to rise the closer they get to their destination.

Roseanna (Martin Beck #1), Maj Sjowall, Per Wahloo
2 stars, DNF
I didn’t dislike this book, but I didn’t like it either.  Too “meh”-lancholy in characters and setting.  Meh.

I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (A Flavia de Luce Mystery #4), Alan Bradly
4 stars
It’s Christmas at Buckshaw and Flavia is right in the thick of things. Precocious, wise and funny, Flavia is simply jolly good fun.


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