The Toaster

I think everyone has that one kitchen appliance that they can’t live without: mixer, blender, microwave … For me it’s a toaster. No matter where I’ve lived, I HAVE to have a toaster. Before any other appliance, a toaster was the most necessary item in my kitchen. (I’m talking traditional toaster, not a toaster oven. I hate those and have an irrational fear that even letting one near my house will cause  spontaneous combustion. Irrational, I know.)

About a month ago, our little $9.00 toaster from Target died.

In abject panic, my immediate thought was to run out and buy a new one.  What was I going to do without my toaster???  Luckily, not having a car makes it tough to dash out and buy things. So I paused … and I remembered that I has just discovered the over broiler.  Unlike previous ovens, this one’s a bottom drawer that just so happens to be the perfect size and height for making toast!

Good-bye, toaster!  Hello, broiler!

One less gadget to store (in a kitchen with 2.5′ of counter space that’s awesome!) and the broiler is actually faster than the old toaster.  I’m still learning how to gauge time so I don’t end up with burned toast, but I think I’m in love.

Funny how, with a breath and some ingenuity, what seems like a problem turns into a wonderful new experience!


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