Permission to Sit

Sometimes you just gotta sit.

From March of 2011 to February 2012, I’ve attended four major yoga workshops: “Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers” with Ellen Heed, “Authentic Teaching” with Sue Jones and Alex Amorosi, I received my Reiki I certification in November, and just completed the five week “Advanced Teaching Concepts” with Jacqui Bonwell. It has been a year of intensive learning and self-reflection.  I have dug deep and discovered a lot. I have spent more time thinking about yoga and about teaching than I ever thought possible.

A few months ago I read this great book by David Richo and this one sentence has stuck to me like a burr:

“Practice does not mean forcing yourself to improve, but rather trusting your potential to open”

My brain and heart are so full from all that I’ve learned in the past year and now is the time to put it all into practice: to live it, be it, tweak it, and trust the process of my own practice to begin to integrate what I’ve absorbed.

This will be a first for me since I’m not much one to just metaphorically sit. I like answers, action, DOING something. I love learning. If I could be a university student for life (on someone else’s dime!) I totally would. Taking classes, being exposed to new ideas, and the process of learning really gets me going. In my enjoyment of learning, I get so caught up in the process that I have never allowed myself to be with what I’ve learned. I’ve spent years forcing myself to improve through classes, but never trusted the wisdom that comes from sitting with what I’ve learned.

Starting today, I am giving myself full permission to SIT.

I am going to sit the eff down with all I’ve learned about teaching, yoga, anatomy, healing, energetics, and myself. I will trust myself to open, I will let myself be, and I will let time and experience be the integrator. I will mull, marinate, practice, and feel. I will move with what I’ve learned, practicing it on my mat and in my teaching. This is going to be a whopping big challenge … one that I’m really looking forward to!

As any yoga teacher knows, the great irony of teaching is finding the time to actually practice.  Getting to a studio is not always possible and, until recently, I wasn’t much of a home practice gal. However, I’m feeling the itch and urge to GET ON MY MAT. It’s pretty obvious that my brain’s got a lot to work out and getting feet down (or bum down) on a sticky mat is the best place for that to happen.

This past year has been a diverse, rich, and utterly delicious multi-course feast. Now it’s time to push away from the table and digest it all. 🙂


2 responses to “Permission to Sit

  1. Abby, this blog could have been written by me — I’ve done the same thing for years … and it caught up with me. I never thought continual learning could ever be too much, until it was. I forgot to sit. I forgot to absorb and be in what I’d learned. I forgot to digest so that my heart, mind and body could absorb and use what it needed, and release what didn’t serve. So, now sitting is necessary. It’s the practice I never took time for and it’s the practice that is literally healing me. And it’s effort every day to do it … and sometimes I don’t. But I’m finding that if I don’t sit these days, even getting on my mat is difficult, let alone the rest of my life. So yay, you! Permission to sit — best thing we can do for ourselves.

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