Why I Teach

About a year into teaching and reading “yoga books” I stumbled across a quote from Judith Lasater in Living Your Yoga that has by turns puzzled and inspired me.  Judith says,

“I teach for myself and practice for my students.”

Back in April of 2010, when I first blogged about that quote, I didn’t quite get it. I knew the words were important (obviously, as they have stuck in my subconscious for the past two years!) but I wasn’t sure if they were true for me. Instead, the reverse was reality: I practiced for myself and I taught for my students. My time on my mat was for me and my time in front of the class was for them. Yet those words stayed in the back of my brain for 22 months, germinating and waiting to blossom.

It was during a sunny, winter morning home practice when it finally clicked what Judith was talking about. It was a subltle but major internal shift as I worked a little deeper into a tall twist.

My practice is ALL ABOUT my students.

I practice for them. I practice so that I can be the best teacher I can be. When I teach, that time is for me, to speak from my heart to my heart … and if I’ve got a solid practice behind it, that heart is wide open with every opportunity to connect to the five, ten, fifteen, sometimes twenty-five or more hearts in the room.

Teaching is when I find my grace. When faith and trust in my own ability to heal surfaces. It’s frightening and wonderful gift. Judith, you are so spot on!!

My practice is for my students.

My teaching is for me.


4 responses to “Why I Teach

  1. Oh I wish all teachers out there were approaching yoga with the same attitude! 🙂

  2. It took me an equally long time to understand this quote. It wasn’t until recently when a student shared an observation about my teaching that it really clicked for me.

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