Mirror Mirror

When I practice yoga at home or in the studio, there are no mirrors. I love not having mirrors around as I’m a person who is  easily distracted by visuals.  I embody the “OOOH SHINY Syndrome” at its finest.

It was disconcerting at first when I borrowed a practice space the other day at a local gym, just to have a place to rock out on my mat for a bit, and I found myself surrounded by mirrors. Yikes! So much potential for distraction, was my immediate thought.

Sneaking peeks at myself in the mirror, what I noticed is that I have come a long way in my physical practice. I know that getting too caught up in the way the poses look physically is a very, very bad idea, but I couldn’t help giving myself a little pat on the back. The mirrors gave visual affirmation to what I’ve been feeling: I am getting stronger and more flexible.

At the same time, I knew with a visceral knowing that underneath the skin and muscles and bone, I am so much stronger in spirit, more flexible and courageous than my physical body shows. That the internal mirror of my yoga mat reflects far more truth back at me than a polished, shiny object. This purple sticky mirror, where I pour out my heart and sweat, shows me every moment where I am growing and where I still have work to do. This is the mirror that reminds me to breathe and to explore and to be aware … and doesn’t remind me that my hair looks horrific or that I have an epic wedgie.

** I still think my chaturanga looked pretty cool, though 🙂 **


2 responses to “Mirror Mirror

  1. I agree mirrors in a yoga space are tricky. They can be helpful in helping you adjust your posture and alignment but people get too caught up in how they physically look! There is already a lot of people who compare how they look to others in the classes I teach and I don’t know if mirrors help. Its interesting to consider.

    There is an amazing event I’m volunteering for in the summer that you might be interested in. Its called The Gathering and its like a ‘Spiritual Woodstock’ retreat happening just outside of Toronto, Canada. The event is taking place the week of July 27-August 2, 2012 and there will be many internationally renowned teachers on hand. If you are interested or want to learn more please visit http://zoxon.com/index.html

    Be well

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