Text Neck

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Text Neck is apparently THE new thing.

Apartment Therapy had a recent article about “text neck“, that slouching, slumping motion of the head and neck from constant texting/game playing/use of handheld devices.  On the heels of Apartment Therapy, Lo over at Y is for Yogi has a great post on some yoga poses to counteract text neck.

In addition to all the other great suggestions to fix text neck, I wanted to throw in my two cents (of course).

Here are some simple yoga poses to help relieve the symptoms. You don’t even need to get out of your desk chair, the couch or the bus seat to do them.
Stretching Out Text Neck 

Getting Ready
First, put down the phone. Face down. Good.

Sit up straight and scootch your behind forward until you’re sitting on the edge of your chair.

Shoulder Rolls
As you breath in, scrunch your shoulders way up to your ears.
Exhale, roll the shoulders down your back, drawing shoulder blades together.
Repeat this movement 3 more times. This stretch brings movement back to the tops of the shoulders and the shoulder girdle.

Neck Stretch
Drop your right ear towards your right shoulder. Keep the right shoulder relaxed; try not to hike it up towards your ear. Slowly roll your chin down to your chest and lift it back to center. Repeat on the left. This will lengthen the scalene muscles, which are the big web-like muscles on either side of your neck.

Eagle Arms
Sit up straight, reach your arms out straight, bend the elbows and wrap your right arm underneath the left. Lift the elbows up towards your chin and breathe. If this feel awful for your shoulders, place the right hand on top of the left shoulder, and the left hand on top of your right shoulder. Which ever variation you have, breath for 4 deep breaths on each side. This stretches and opens the upper back.

Seated Back Bend
Sit up straight once more and reach your hands behind you and hold on to the back of your chair. As you breathe in, sit up real tall and pull the belly and ribs into your chest. As you exhale, lift your gaze a little higher and arch the upper spine back just a bit. Deep breath in here as you hold, exhale, come back to regular seated posture with hands in your lap. Repeat twice more. This opens the front of the body, chest and neck, couter-posing all the hunching and crunching.

Happy, safe texting!


3 responses to “Text Neck

  1. These also look great for not-ergonomically-designed office work station neck fatigue… Why is office furniture always designed by and for men?

    • Tell me about it! I toy with the idea of a standing desk, or at the very least a stability ball instead of a desk chair. My chair kills me.

  2. These yoga poses really helped ease my neck issues. I was told our neck muscles could be “angry” because of long periods of abuse and could be in spasms.

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