A Month in Books: March 2012

Spring has a way of sneaking up on you and stealing all your time. For me, it’s blogging time. What little I had is now even less.

Where am I?

Between 9 and 5 I’m working, after 5 I’m teaching, and after teaching I’m sleeping. Sandwiched somewhere in between, I still read. Lunch hours, bus rides and the precious few minutes before I zonk out at night I sneak in a few pages. Luckily, I’ve hit a really great run of wonderful books and authors. It’s almost as though Karma is acknowledging what little reading time I have and gifting my with some fantastic stories and characters to make up for it.

How do you sneak in those quiet moments for reading (or other leisure-pleasure) activities when life gets busy?

Here’s March … a little late, but really good!

Proof by Seduction (Carhart #1), Courtney Milan
3 stars
Milan is my new favorite romance author and I’m devouring everything she’s written. This wasn’t one of my favorites, but it’s a solid story. The secondary character is the hero of the next book and THAT has me on the edge of my seat.

Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms, Eugenia Bone
4 stars
Eugenia Bone (best. name. ever.) makes me want to grab a basket and head out into the woods. Part memoir of her fascination with fungi, part scientific text, the science never gets too overwhelming. However, the most interesting bits tend to get relegated to the footnotes. Still craving mushrooms though.

The Impossible Dead (Malcolm Fox #2), Ian Rankin
3 stars
Finally letting go of my Rebus love and settling in with Malcolm Fox. The city of Edinburgh is an even darker place than usual in this installment. Rankin is still the best a crafting authentic, atmospheric mysteries.

Unclaimed (Turner #2), Courtney Milan
5 stars
I honestly might go back at some later date and put a star next to this one as a favorite. The more I sit with the story of Mark and Jessica, the more I love them, this story and pretty much everything Milan touches. Fan girl swoon!

Wicked Becomes You, Meredith Duran
2 stars
A great set up, but half way through I got BORED. It was all tell and very little show and it started to read as a farcical, overly long travel monologue. Feh.

When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr #7), C.S. Harris
4 stars
Loved the Arthurian Legends premise and the insight into the Tenneyson family. Hero and Sebastian are one of my favorite literary couples and this latest installment took me from tears to cheers.

*Habibi, Craig Thompson
5 stars
This is why graphic novels are awesome, because images can show the subtle complex emotions that language fails to capture. A story about stories, and everything else in between, Habibi is a gem and a MUST read.

The Iron Duke (Iron Seas #1), Meljean Brook
2 stars
Some of the best world building I’ve read, but the asshat of a hero and the rapey sex scenes were too much old skool for me to stomach. Too bad, because the heroine was fantastic and complicated and could have made it into the great Pantheon of Literary Heroines if she hadn’t been saddled with this jerk.


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