A Month in Books: April 2012

Catching up on a couple months backlog of book reviews. April was a BUSY month for reading. I wish I could remember why I got so much reading done :).

Links take you to full reviews on Goodreads.com and and * marks any books that are favorites.
 Trial by Desire (Carhart #2), Courtney Milan

4 stars
Ned Carhart might just be my favorite romance novel hero. He was anything but in the first book, but now he’s matured and ready to show the world he’s not a naive, good-for-nothing wastrel. Milan does everything right with Ned, though it leaves the heroine a little in the shadows.

Unraveled (Turner #3), Courtney Milan
5 stars
This book confirms Milan’s place as the very best romance writer today. Complex and nuanced and with two of the best, most interesting characters  ever penned, this is a cannot miss read.

Pinocchio, Winshluss
3 stars
“Interesting” post-modern, apocalyptic retelling of Pinocchio. The cynicism of this retelling didn’t win me over, but the images are very striking.

If I Fall (The Blue Raven #4), Kate Noble
3 stars
Historical romance novel re-telling of “When Harry Met Sally” combined with “Mean Girls”. Uneven in the telling, though the theme of expectations was thoughtful and well done.

*I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t), Brene Brown
5 stars
Shame-researcher Brene Brown takes years of research and makes it accessible and immediately relevant for women everywhere to overcome shame. Belongs on every bookshelf next to Reviving Ophelia.

The Walking Dead: Volume 13, Robert Kirkman
4 stars
Insides the gated community, the survivors struggle to fit in with varying degrees of success. Mostly I’m just waiting for Carl to die. He’s annoying.

The Alchemists Daughter, Katherine McMahon
2 stars
Great science, dense heroine. Not worth the time spent.

Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks
2 stars
Read for Book Club. The first 3/4 of the book are so good and illuminating into what life was like in the middle of the plague as it swept through England. However, the ending was so awful, unbelievable and silly that it brought the whole rest of the book down.

A Night to Surrender (Spindle Cove #1), Tessa Dare

4 stars
I profess undying love and devotion to any book that can use the phrase “HMS Priapism” to such great comedic effect. Wonderful, romping, sexy romance. Excited for a new series.

Don’t Lets Go To The Dog’s Tonight, Alexandra Fuller
4 stars
Poetic, poignant and brutally honest, Fuller’s memoir of growing up white in Africa. A perfect bookclub book; the kind that gets better for sharing with friends over wine and discussion.


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