A Month in Books: June 2012

June was an interesting month for reading. I had a whole stack of books from the library and had to return most of them. Why? Early in the month I fell while running and broke both elbows. Trade paperback and hardcover books became impossible to hold. So even though I had all kinds of time to read, I was limited to what slim paperbacks I could find at the public library and what I was willing to purchase on my Kindle. Honestly, I ended up watching a lot of TV.

Here’s what I did manage to read in June.

Liberating Lacey, Anne Calhoun
4 stars
Everything a contemporary erotic romance should be. Hot, spicy and with enough plot and character development to carry the story even without the sex. I do wish there was more hero perspective. I liked him!

Beguiling the Beauty (Fitzhugh #1), Sherry Thomas
2 stars
Blegh. This book made no sense. Nothing and no one was realistic or consistent. However, Thomas did enough set up for the rest of series that they might be good. We’ll see…

Fifty Shades of Grey, E. L. James
1 star
Just go to the full review, please. All the ranting has exhausted me.

Portrait of Seduction (Seduction #2), Carrie Lofty
4 stars
Art forger Greta falls madly in love with Oliver, half-brother to a lord, but in disguise as his valet. Excellent exploration and nuanced writing on roles and stepping out of those roles to go after what the heart wants.

Song of Seduction (Seduction #1), Carrie Lofty
4 stars
Gifted musician Mathilda has admired composer Arie De Voss for years. When they finally meet, sparks fly, though not as expected. Lofty’s writing about music is the real star of this novel. Read it and then go listen. It’s an experience to change you as a reader.

The Princess & The Pea (Love Spell #2), Victoria Alexander
1 star
This is my full review: Dingbat-Manic-Pixy-Heroine from Chicago meets oh-so-perfect British Lord hero in saccharine, silly romance, with too many BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS that were just plain stupid. The only saving grace of the book are the cars. 1895 cars are cool.

The Horsemaster’s Daughter (Calhoun Chronicles #2), Susan Wiggs
2 stars
With a heroine who’s a little too perfect and a hero who’s a little to alcoholic-Alpha, this one was a struggle to get through. It felt like someone rewrote the characters of Clan of the Cave Bear into a mid-century American romance. Meh.



3 responses to “A Month in Books: June 2012

  1. I can’t wait to read your 50 Shades review now.

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