All About Abby

Perusals & Peregrinations are the musings and meanderings of Abby Thompson – yogi, librarian, newbie runner and really terrible tennis player.

Also a Yoga Alliance (200 hour) certified yoga teacher, Abby practices yoga in the living room, at the gym and at Prana Power Yoga.  She currently teaches Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga classes at Harvard University and at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, MA.  Abby loves her yoga students and finds infinite amounts of inspiration and joy in working with them.

Hope you enjoy the blog!


Photo by Tess Tabor, Orcas Island, WA


18 responses to “All About Abby

  1. Where’s my picture with my cigar?! I want that one! I enjoyed looking at the rest of them. Glad you made it to the top of bald mtn!
    Have you posted your pink photo yet? And you can do the pink flower too!

  2. Nice blog! I think we are living a mirror existence. I’m a Simmons MLIS and yoga teacher, too!

  3. peanutbutterandjuli

    Love it Abby!

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. Huh. I sometimes read your blog through meredith’s RSS (I work with Mere)…and I just realized you live in Mass. I just moved here a few months ago….we live in Acton. Love the blog!

    • Thanks jlsdesigner! Are you from MA originally? How fun to meet someone through the awesome Mer! If you ever find yourself in Cambridge, look me up! Cheers!

  6. hey abby!

    This is great…I love reading your musings. We should get together soon – I work in Davis!

  7. Abby,

    I am asking newly featured bloggers on the wordpress homepage how the new attention has affected them. How has the experience been for you? Will you be making any changes because of it?
    Congrats on your fame!

    • The immediate response has been a skyrocketing of views. I’ll let you know in a week if the numbers remain high or if it’s a One Hit Wonder. 🙂

  8. I love your picture. It looks like if you topple over you will fall in the lake. x

  9. Hi Abby!

    I love your site!


  10. Hey Abby,

    Great blog! Thanks for the inspiration and keep on writing!

  11. Hey Abby,
    I love your blog, I’m signing up for updates. Keep up the good writing!
    Best wishes,

  12. Parallel Universes: I’ve been using the phrase Perusals and Peregrinations for decades; I also teach meditation. The Universe Hold Glory: Blessings

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