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What do you need?

Inspired by an FB post, I thought I’d try out this exercise.

  • Google your name and the word “needs” [i.e. ABIGAIL needs]
  • B) Click search
  • C) Record the first 10 results

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Tennis anyone?

In one of those crazy life moments when a thought suddenly coalesces into reality, I’m taking tennis lessons.

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When I Grow Up

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a vet, a teacher, a nurse, a lawyer, a midwife, a costume designer, a professor and an event planner.

Instead I’ve been a publicist, a librarian and recently a yoga teacher.

Since I stumbled on librarianship accidentally, this awesome flowchart from LISNews had me cracking up.

If you are a librarian or you  know one, go check it out here.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Madlibs!

Thank goodness for the Smart Bitches and Doc Turtle.  Who else can dole out the brilliant snark and make me snarf my morning drink?!

If you’re not familiar with Dark Lover, book one in the Black Dagger Brotherhood  you probably also haven’t heard of Twilight.  I’m half tempted to tell you to go back into your cave, but the BDB is just too damn fun and cracktastic.

Once you’ve caught up on the BDB here, here, here, here, here, and here, now you’re ready to play MADLIBS!

If you play, post your results in the comments.  I’d love to see what you all come up with!

Here’s my first round of hilariousness:

Wrath opened the door to the sound of celtic rock.  Tohr and Rhage were listening to Enter the Haggis again.  ‘What is this shit?’ Wrath demanded.

‘Shizzle, my brother, it’s just Enter the Haggis’s new album, Sexy Chair.’

Just then Fritz came in.  With a tray laden with greasy Lubriderm pens.

‘Damn, Fritz!’ cried Rhage.  ‘These are fucking hot!’

Vishous came in, dagger drawn.  ‘The lessers are back.  I caught Mr. X shooting a civilian vampire.  With a starfish.’

‘Time to play. Dubiously.’ said Wrath.

‘Whatever,’ said Rhage.  ‘I don’t care as long as I get to nom some pink bunnies.’

Deep Breaths

It’s been one of “those” weeks.  You know “those” weeks?  The ones where you just can’t seem to catch your breath, are perpetually tired, and by Friday you look at your desk in the office, your desk at home, the kitchen, and your bed and wonder which hurricane could possible have hit all these places at once.

Yeah.  One of “those” weeks.

Which is why this image has become a Friday staple for taking the edge off:



Original image & link here.


Star Wars Yoga

Stumbled across this at the Unshelved blog:


So amazingly, awesomely, utterly nerdy!

I just know i’m going to be giggling like a maniac this weekend as I come in and out of Downward Facing Wookie.

Downward Facing Wookie

This could open up a whole new avenue of teaching/learning asanas, especially for those with a sense of humor.

I think I might start incorporating the May the Force be With You Handstand:

Luke's Handstand

Looks pretty similar to the one from Yoga Journal …


How about AT-ST?

Firefly Pose


What other poses can you come up with?

(Apologies to Yoga Journal and the other images, which I found courtesy of Google image search.)

More Flickr Love

Flickr brought back their Christmas Easter egg where you can add Santa hats and beards to your own photos

Santa Louie

Santa Louie

Or make it snow on any photo page!

Snowflakes in the Seattle Public Library

Snowflakes in the Seattle Public Library

To create Santa beards, add a note to the image with the text “ho ho ho hat” — same for beards, but with “ho ho ho beard”.

For snow, add the extension ?snow=1 to the end of any URL.

Lifehacker has more Easter Eggs for your procrastination pleasure.