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Perusals & Peregrinations

Home again and back to “real life.”  The past few weeks now seem surreal, though the memories and pictures keep me smiling like a fool.

So where was I?

First I was here:

Then here, for a beautiful wedding:

And then spent a lot of time here:

Piroshky’s anyone?


New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I was inspired to make a list of goals.  (Thank you, EZ, for the inspiration!)  Some of these won’t actually be accomplished in 2010, but they’re on the list anyways. 🙂

Goals for 2010

– Get into a safe and stable tripod headstand without using a wall
– Do more yoga: more styles, more places, and teach more
– Get certified in prenatal yoga
– Volunteer more
– Cook more vegan meals
– Learn to make real curry, rather than buying the premade stuff
– Gossip less
– Become more compassionate
– Travel more (even within the state!)
– Actually catch a fish while out fly fishing (and not the trees, rocks, bushes or my own rear end)
– Touch a bamboo fly rod
– Learn to tie flies
– Practice more acts of charity and gratitude
– Pay off my credit card bill
– Write more: blogging, creative writing, journaling
– Discover at least two new authors
– Read a volume of poetry by a contemporary poet
– Spend more time outdoors, even in the city
– Find a cute hat with a big brim and wear it in the summer
– Go to the beach at least twice
– Go downhill skiing at least once more before 2011
– Learn to telemark ski

What are your goals for 2010?

Rangeley Region Fitness Center – 12/30/09

Core Flow
60 minutes
8 peeps
Music: Take Me Home and Somewhere over the Rainbow, by I. Kamakawio’ole

child’s pose
cat/cow tilts
downward facing dog
modified vinyasa
3 sun As
2 sun Bs
3-legged ab work
warrior I
warrior II
reverse warrior
prasritta A
pivot to front
repeat from 3-legged ab work to triangle on left
vinyasa to table top
opposite arm/leg
child’s pose
repeat on other side
3 locusts
2 bridge with block between thighs
supta baddha konasana
abs with block (“Forrest abs”)
happy baby
spinal twist

Rangeley really is the best town. Today’s group was some repeats from Monday and some new faces too.

Thank you to Jeff Hawksley for letting me volunteer teach at the fitness center! And thank you to all the people who came to class. Thank you for showing up, for your willingness and enthusiasm. It warms the cockles of this yoga teachers heart (especially when it’s -30 below!)

Rangeley Region Fitness Center – 12/28/09

Yoga-lates for Boomers

Rangeley Region Fitness Center
December 28, 2009
60 minutes
7 peeps
Music: Prana After Dark 12 by Ray Mucci

child’s pose
cat-cow tilts
down dog
modified vinyasa
high plank
knees down as lower to mat
table top
downward facing dog
2 Sun As with modified vinyasa
2 Sun Bs with crescent lunge and high twist
3-legged dog ab work
low lunge with hip opener
pivot to back wall into triangle
low lunge with hip opener
lower to mat on 5 count
3 locust
2 bridge with block between thighs
supta baddha konasana
rock and roll
modified half pigeon in 3 stages
wide-legged baddha konasana
viparita karani
spinal twist

I volunteered to teach a couple yoga classes at the Rangeley Region Fitness Center and thanks to my parents who recruited their friends, I had a class full of enthusiastic fifty-somethings. They were AWESOME! They came committed, enthusiastic and I think it was a reality check for a lot of the men on just how aerobic yoga can be. It’s not just sitting on a mat and stretching for 60 minutes. The class was pretty heavily modified to accommodate an older audience. I can’t wait to see them again on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The family is up in Rangeley, Maine for the holidays.  Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing (maybe), and a lot of napping, sleeping, reading and hanging out is being accomplished.

Brother Bear & Me on Cross Country Skis

Christmas was beautiful and laid-back.  We really pared down on the buying this year, focusing on spending time together rather than buying a ton of stuff that no one really needs.

A Maine Christmas: A new fly fishing net!

On Christmas Eve, the clouds sunk really low and as the temperatures continued to drop, everything was coated in a thick layer of rime ice.  I’ve never seen this happen at such a low elevation, usually it happens up on the mountain tops.  It made for a gorgeous, crystally morning and some cool photo ops.

Internet access is spotty (as in I have to get to the ski lodge or the public library for access) so posting will be sparse until I get back to Cambridge.

There are some great posts coming your way in the New Year!  So in the meantime be safe, be healthy and be your yoga.

Happy New Year & Namaste!

Teaching at Rangeley Region Fitness Center

Going to be in the Rangeley Lakes region over Christmas and New Years?

Get out of the cold and come warm up at my yoga class at the Rangeley Region Fitness Center!

I’ll be teaching a “yoga-lates” class.  (It’s really more of a Core Flow, but I guess “yoga-lates” is better marketing.)

Class times are:
Monday 12/28 —  9am

Tuesday 12/29 — 5pm

Wednesday 12/30 — 9am

Hope to see you there!

A Vacation in Feet

One of the highlight of my recent trip up to Rangeley was flyfishing — in waders!  Awesome!

wading boots drying in the sun

wading boots drying in the sun

We took a lot of hikes and woods walks.  Some were very relaxed

bunchberries and toes

bunchberries and toes

Others were a little more intense … and muddy!



Whatever we were doing, though, it’s always great to be in Rangeley.  I am already looking forward to heading back up in October!