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Project Haiti – Update

yogaHOPE Sue shared an email from Steven Gross who’s in Haiti right now with Maggie Julianno.  They are getting the lay of the land, so to speak, for how to best introduce breathing and meditation for trauma survivors.

Please read this email from Steven.

This is why I volunteer.  This is why I am so damn proud to be a (small) part of an organization like yogaHOPE, who helps people close to home but also who are far away.  The work is daunting, but experiences like Steven’s give me hope.



Project Haiti: Get the ball rolling

Not too far in the future, Haiti’s infrastructure will be coming back together and the world will begin to move on.  The aid organizations will pack up and move on to the next disaster.  And the people of Haiti will be left to deal with the emotional fallout.  That’s where you come in.

Boston yogis, friends and family are gathering and gearing up for Project Haiti yogaHOPE founder Sue Jones, Maggie Juliano of Sprout Yoga, David Emerson of the Trauma Center and Black Lotus Yoga, Mark Lilly of Street Yoga and Jennifer Cohen of Little Flower Yoga are creating a program to bring yoga to trauma survivors as well as  the secondary victims, like the people of aid agencies.  These yoga teachers already do amazing work in the local community bringing the healing effect of yoga to those with PSTD and trauma survivors … and now they’re bringing their expertise to Haiti.

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Want to help?  Here’s what we need right now:

  • If you want to teach yoga, David Emerson will be offering training for volunteer yoga teachers.  Email yogahope [AT] gmail [DOT] org to express interest. (Putting in “at symbols” and punctuation where necessary.)
  • If you can help put Project Haiti in touch with supporters and fundraisers, please email yogahope [AT] gmail [DOT] org.
  • Donate yoga mats and clothes to the project
  • Donate studio space for teaching training
  • Contact your local yoga studio to set up a donation class to help raise money for the project
  • Donate frequent-flyer miles so we can get our yogis on the ground

This is a start.  As plans continue to shape up, I’ll post more information.  In the meantime, THANK YOU!

Questions?  Comments?  Leave ’em here and let’s get this ball rolling!