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2011 Gratitude Challenge

Alright Perusers & Peregrinators, it’s time for the 2011 Gratitude Challenge!  I’ll be switching it up a bit here and posting my daily gratitude on Twitter.  If you’d like to follow me there, I’m at @AbbyThompson.

I encourage you to join in this month of appreciation, either by posting your own daily thoughts on your blog, Twitter, Facebook or taking a quiet moment during the day to count the things you are grateful for. When you take the time to notice all the good around you, it’s amazing how that good increases.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” — John F. Kennedy



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving P&P-ers!

I’ll be in northern Maine until late Sunday so internet use will be at a minimum to make for maximum family time.

During the holiday, I found these words from JKF to be particularly inspiring:

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.


Daily Gratitude: Weekend Update

  • I’m grateful for my knees.  They’re behaving particularly well as I slowly teach myself to run.


  • I’m grateful for my yoga mat.  No matter how tired, grumpy or mean I feel, I can step on my mat (physically and metaphorically while teaching) and work it out.
  • I’m grateful for the changing seasons and New England’s peculiar quirk of giving us a weekend of 60 degree days and a week of 50+ degrees in the middle of November.
  • I’m grateful for Erin Z and Matt P, the delicious meal they shared with us in their new home, and the friendship Erin and I have shared since seventh grade.


Daily Gratitude

Thus far, this week has been a wash.  A wash of rain.  Grey skies, cold wind stripping the leaves of the trees, and a steady beat of stinging rain.

I am grateful for the rain, for the reminder to get creative with formerly outdoor activities, for the chance to slow down and listen, for the change in seasons, for knowing that not even the worst weather can hold out forever.

Longfellow said it best:

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”


Daily Gratitude: Weekend Edition

I am so grateful to all my wonderful yoga students who came out to the belly, breath and balance workshop on Saturday.  They worked so hard and really got the concept of the connection needed between all three components.

I am grateful for the incredible food prepared by the staff at the new Life Alive in Central Square.  Super yummy and super healthy!

I am thankful for the students at the 4:30pm class at Prana Power Yoga in Central Square for sharing their practice with me.  It’s always a little intimidating to sub for another teacher.  Thank you to the friendly faces who came, especially one in particular in the back right corner.

I am thankful that I had Sunday free and could spend the whole day curled up on the couch, playing Scrabble and watching TV.

I am grateful for the rain and cool weather which makes sleeping just that much more awesome.

What were you grateful for this weekend?


Daily Gratitude: 4 & 5

It’s the end of the week.  I’m dragging, my body’s dragging, my spirit is dragging … and yet, even though it’s at the tail end of a long day, I am always grateful for my yoga students.

Just stepping into the room with them, turning on some good music, watching them unroll their mats and settle in with a smile on their faces, toes tapping, makes even the craziest, stressful, hard-luck days melt away.

Thank you, students and fellow yogis.  You lift up my spirit, share your joy, and teach me more, every day, about why I teach.

In gratitude, I bow and say


Daily Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for my dad.  Happy Birthday, Dad!