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Frog (verb): to unknit, rip back, unravel, unwind or undo.  Usually accompanied by tears, chocolate and alcohol, amounts depending on the severity of the situation.

Ene’s scarf is frogged.  All the way back to the cast on.  I recast on all 375 stitches and knit back across the first row.

Why put myself through this pain and suffering?  Here’s what the lace border should have looked like:

correct border

correct border

This is what it looked like in too many other places, including the center point of the scarf:



So I’m back at the beginning and I will be paying MUCH closer attention to my stitches.

nascent stages ... again

nascent stages ... again


Knitting Update

Last December I cast on for Ene’s Scarf in a luscious sock-weight yarn in deep burgundy and black.  I’ve been slowly picking away at it as my schedule hasn’t allowed a lot of quality knitting time.

I haven’t touched the shawl in a good couple months.  The last time I looked at it I realized I had made some pretty hideous mistakes at the beginning.  We’re not talking a couple missed yarn overs, but some massive, pattern-altering mistakes.

I’ve only completed chart 1 and 2 which make up the border of the shawl, so in the grand scheme of things, not that much.

I know what needs to be done … frogging lace is so heartbreaking.


Consolations and words of knitterly wisdom are welcome.