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A Month in Books: August 2012

August: the dog days of summer … and high wedding season if you’re in your late 20s/early 30s. Luckily road trips/weekends away leave lots of time for reading, and very little time for writing or reviewing. I’m trying to take advantage of what time I have left for pleasure reading since I start school on September 10th (more on that later!)  I have a sneaking suspicion that school’s going to take up all the time I had tucked away for pleasure reading. 🙂

Now that summer has drawn to a close, what was the best book you read this summer?

For me, it was hands down Carrie Lofty‘s Starlight. Damn that woman writes a good book!

(Links take you to full reviews on Goodreads.  Go ahead and click. Sometimes the snark is worth it.)

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What I Read: December 2010

Wrapping up a year in books, here’s what I read in the month of December.  Links take you to my full reviews on Goodreads.com and asterisks mark books that have made the Cannon of Fabulous Literature According to Abby.

Stay tuned for a yearly review of books in 2010 — as soon as I figure out how to export booklists from Goodreads 🙂

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