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A Month in Books: May 2012

May was:
Catching up on the Walking Dead
Dipping a toe into some erotica in prep for 50 Shades of Grey
Laughing till I cry with Jenny Lawson
Celebrating the return of  beloved romance author’s

Links go to full reviews on Goodreads.com and an * marks favorites.

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A Month in Books: January 2012

Seriously rough reading mojo this month. I put two books down, unfinished and the ones I finished, with a few exceptions, were pretty blah. However, The Night Circus saved me from giving up completely. It’s not a perfect book, but the blend of magic realism, history and romance was exactly what I needed to start climbing up out of my slump.

As always, links take you to my full review on Goodreads.com

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A Month in Books: December 2011

December was a pretty standard mix of romance and mystery books. I finished the year strong with 84 books “read” (I put it in quotes because there were a handful of Did Not Finish) and have set my 2012 goal for 86 books.

My second annual Year in Books is coming up soon.  I always like seeing the breakdown of what I read, genres, etc… It’s an interesting retrospective and a fun way to remember the very good and the very worst books I came across in 2011.

To finish out the year, here are the books I read in December.  Links take you to full reviews on Goodreads.com.
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A Month in Books: September

I love September. It always feels more “New Years-y” to me than January. Maybe it’s because there’s more noticeable changes: weather changes, leaves turning color, college kids inundating the city of Boston again…

It’s a great time to rediscover hot tea, soft blankets and that spot on the couch that you love so much.

Links take you to my full reviews on Goodreads.com.
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A Month in Books: August 2011

Apparently my reading is coinciding with the seasons.  Late summer was all about fantasy and I FINALLY finished George R. R. Martins’ Song of Ice and Fire series. What a slog towards the end!

As we transition into fall, I am suffering serious fantasy burn out. However, I’m looking forward to a clean slate, a new beginning and a slew of new authors and books. Feels almost like I’m starting school again!

As always, links take you to my full reviews over at Goodreads.com and asterisks mark any books that have become super-favorites.

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A Month In Books: June 2011

I love summer reading;  I tend to indulge even more in the summer in reading whenever and wherever I can.  There’s nothing like reading lakeside or at the beach.

Interestingly, this month I read two romances that epitomize the polar ends of the genre for me. I tend to categorize my romances by the type of plot they use. One of my favorites (when it’s done well) is the enemies to friends.  My least favorite I wrote about here.

Reviews past the jump. All links take you to my full reviews on Goodreads.com
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A Month in Books: May 2011

Made some serious headway in May. Read some great new books, discovered a new author, a new series and revisited some favorites.

Earlier, I posted a Summer Reads list, with my top 5 authors, books, beach reads and series.  What are you excited to read (or not read!) this summer?
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