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PSA: Eat Real Food

I post a lot of food information.  Nutrition and living healthy are priorities and passions for me so it makes sense that it’s going to trickle out into pretty much every medium I communicate with.

Today I was reading an interview from Slashfood with Michael Pollan about his new book Food Rules.  There was one section I just had to share:

Slashfood: I think your book is really needed, but it’s sort of sad that we need to tell people to eat more vegetables. It’s stuff we were told as kids.

MP: It is sad that we should need such common sense, but there’s a very good reason for it. Nutritional science, which is very well intentioned and has been trying to get to the bottom of what you need to eat to be healthy, has been hijacked by the food industry, which takes every new study and turns it into a clever way to sell processed food. Processed food is the most profitable food in the supermarket, and that’s where all the marketing is. So it’s not surprising that people have lost track of the idea you shouldn’t eat it. And of course it’s the food that carries the health claims. In fact, one of my rules is to not eat food that has health claims. The stuff in the produce section, which is the healthiest food of all, is utterly silent about its health benefits. I’m trying to give voice to the fruits and vegetables, so they’re not drowned out by the processed food.

Amen, Mr. Pollan!  A-FREAKING-MEN.

One rule, people.  One, simple rule to living a healthier lifestyle.  Eat real food.

Full text of the interview is here.


Yoga School – Day 7

today's visualization technique

today's visualization technique

Hello fellow peripatetics!  Today was a loooooong day with not much physical practice and a whole lot of sitting. BUT – we started off the day with reflexology foot masseages.  I can’t think of a better way to start my day and am considering reorganizing tghe budget so that it includes a daily foot massage. 🙂

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Grab Bag – February 2009

Random NumbersTime to clean out the Google Reader!  🙂  Here’s an assortment of interesting links that have popped onto the radar:

Food & Nutrition:
An awesome looking recipe for caramel cookie bars using Betty Crocker box mixes.  Can’t wait to try this one!

10 Reasons eating raw is better for your health and the environment.  I found this interesting because the leaders of the yoga teacher certification program I’m in are raw food vegans.  I’m still skeptical, but I’m interested to learn more.

Much more in keeping with my own nutritional philosophy is this little gem on keeping eating simple.  It perfectly illustrated my basic rule of food: food should grow and die.  Food that does not die is not food.

A Little Bit of Awesome:
This guy made a commercial for Trader Joe’s.  If you love Trader Joe’s, you’ll adore this catchy little clip.

New England is the least religious place in the country.  Massachusetts and Maine are #3 and #4 respectively for least religious of all the states.  Another awesome shout-out to the non-believers!

Debunking the myths of creationism in level-headed, logical ways.

How to avoid the most common yoga injuries.  A must for anyone just starting yoga!  Also really helpful for those who have been practicing a long time but could use a refresher on how to keep safe and healthy.

Yoga is proven to help reduce back pain.  (Well, duh!)

Tech Stuff:
Top 10 Facebook privacy settings.  Don’t be an idiot.  You can still share those pics of that wild weekend in South Beach without getting fires.

Ever wondered why your local library doesn’t have it’s catalog online?  (OK, maybe you’ve only wondered this if you’re a librarian.) But it’s still an interesting perspective on the roadblocks proprietary systems can pose to access.