Yoga Teacher Training Links

Here’s the day by day reflections of yoga teacher training, January through April 2009.

Day 1: Sweaty Palms

Day 2: Hamstrung Out

Day 3: Struggling to Survive

Day 4: Balancing Act

Day 5: “Chakra” Kahn

Day 6: Metaphors and Euphemisms

Day 7: ‘Closing Chakras’ and Everything in Moderation

Day 8: Feeling the Pose

Day 9: The Yoga Sutras

Day 10: Kids, Teens and Pink Bubbles

Day 11: Touch me, baby!

Day 12: It’s Electric!  Energy work and adjusting

Day 13: Upside Down Pretzels

Day 14: The Beginning


2 responses to “Yoga Teacher Training Links

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  2. Hi Abby, I live in a suburb of Boston, and I recently signed up form Yoga teacher training (it starts in January) I look forward to reading your training recaps so i can be a little more prepared and know what to expect!!


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